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Non-stop conferences in Moscow

Nursing science in Russia after some slumping curves finally sail in the wake of world nursing mainstream and it's high time to review the totals of century.

It's me, folks!So, two important nursing forums were set in Moscow in the beginning of November. First, "Role and Meaning of Nursing in Medical Practice" was held under the aegis of Russian Health Department 1-2nd November. The detailed report of our correspondent E. Ananieva see in Russian part.

Second, international conference "Application of Modern Concept of Nursing into Health Care Practice", took place two days later at Moscow Medical College No. 1. There participates representatives of Harford Community College (Maryland), about 40 regions of Russia, and among them webmaster of our journal Dr. Kholopov (try to find him at the photo). Some interesting materials from this forum are in Science&practice section.


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