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Nurse  No. 1 1999

 Pavlov Y. I.  Kholopov A. A.

Nursing aid to the patients with diabetic foot syndrome at an outpatient stage.

             Diabetes mellitus is a heavy metabolic disease, widely distributed in the developed countries and in Russia. Diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) is the most common reason of its surgical complications from which suffers not less than 25 % of the diabetic patients. These patients are exposed to lower extremity amputation in 15 times more often, than other population.

             The existing system of rendering assistance to the DFS patients is insufficient, especially suffers an outpatient stage of care being key in the prevention of surgical complications. The authors offer to use advantages of advanced nursing education and to create multiple-skill-nursing crews of an outpatient care under the direction of the nurse manager. Medico-social and educational aid rendered to the DFS patients by the crewmembers in frameworks of the multidisciplinary approach will allow to lower risk of surgical complications and to achieve the expressed economic benefit.

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