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Editorial staff


                       Dear readers!

Ours will be better...

Until recently we considered, that on boundless open spaces of Russian Internet (Runet) you could meet everything. However, it’s not true and occurrence of our magazine is an attempt to fill a blank in Russian net periodicals, devoted to one of the most dynamical branches of medicine - nursing. The task we see is not  a competition with highly respected native journals, such as " Nurse " and " Nursing Aid ", but a cooperation with them and other editions with use of the  advantages of modern information technologies according to an example of advanced countries nursing magazines.

Our magazine is intended for all professionals and enthusiasts of nursing business - from the professors and chief nurses up to the entrants of schools and colleges.  On its pages there will be regularly updated news from all world, information on various aspects and problems of nursing trade, tests, educational materials and much more. Besides we open also English part of the server, hoping on direct communication with the foreign colleagues.

 Century coming will be a century of information technologies.  Virtual libraries, remote training, etc. - all this will once and for all enter  our (Russian) life. The nursing business too will finally borrow a worthy place in domestic public health services. We shall try to help you in hard, but noble work.

So - happy sailing on "NR" pages! 


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