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Chair & Faculty's HISTORY.

The multidisciplinary clinical Chair of Nursing, Medical care & Management was organized in 1996 simultaneously with Faculty of Higher Nursing Education on the basis of one of the largest hospitals of Chelyabinsk city. On the moment of creation in Russian Federation there were only 18 similar faculties . 

They were the first...Primordially in the Chair staff appeared representatives of all three foundations of medicine - therapy, surgery and pediatrics. You can see them at this old dingy ;-) photo. Further acquaintance will continue at next pages.

Brief chronology

1996 - Foundation of Chair & Faculty. The teaching of medical care for the students of therapeutic and pediatric faculties is carried on; so as medical & biological ethics, theory of nursing for the students of our Faculty.

1997 - Continues the development of science and methodical base and cooperation with the similar Russian faculties. First publications on nursing.

1998 - Began the clinical courses of nursing in therapy, surgery and pediatrics  for the students of the Faculty. Chair representatives took part in two great Russian Nursing Congresses.

1999 - At the Faculty starts the correspondence Higher Nursing Education. Chair affiliates new members and gives birth to this journal.

2000 - As a result of its growth and development 14.01 our  faculty was renamed to Faculty of Management and Nursing.

2001- First graduation of our faculty, which again changes its name to Faculty of Higher Nursing Education and Management. Our faculty took part in HELP project and Yuri Pavlov visits Edmonton as one of three observers. New members enter our harmonious group;-)

2002 - Fiftieth anniversary of our chief and fifth anniversary of our faculty! Second graduation and the opening of free correspondence department.


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